Who We Are

Located in the USA, we are a team of seven with a whole host of skills, back and front end development with more than twenty-five years of combined experience in IT technologies. We believe the NFT space is going to be a pillar for all trade globally and we have yet to reach its full potential. As gamers and NFT enthusiasts ourselves, we are very excited to bring our passion and teams experience to best serve the WAX community.

Transparency & Location

We are a legal entity registered in the United States. We will make responsible decisions with integrity when we are faced with obstacles. Located in the United States of America, we are glad to participate from the land of the free.

Dedicated & Improving

We are constantly Improving and evolving our operations so we can be ahead of the curve.


We have a boots on the ground approach, we actively engage the local community and the greater EOSIO community. Community involvement is one of the most important roles as a Guild.


Our Team at BlokCrafters has over twenty-five years of experience combined in maintenance and Security of tech infrastructure.


BlokCrafters is an entirely self-funded entity without any external investment. This gives us the freedom to act in the interests of what’s best for the community.


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